Do you need to know the time and place of my birth in order to do a reading?

No, astrology is the only discipline that requires that knowledge. In numerology, all we need is your date of birth, full name, and first and last name currently used. Please double-check this information; otherwise, the entire reading will be incorrect.

What should I do if my birth certificate contains a spelling error?

Make care to spell everything correctly. If there is a mistake on your birth certificate, you should contact the appropriate people and ask them to correct it.

Can numbers accurately predict my future?

No, numerology is not able to foresee the future. But you may use it to figure out what underlying issues are now impacting you. Your comprehension of the meaning of those numbers will determine how you may draw conclusions about the nature of the events that are happening to you.

Can we make our lives better by using particular numbers?

Every number has life lessons, regardless of how spiritual, well-behaved, healthy, or intelligent you may be. Everyone has lessons to learn and challenges to overcome. Though some numbers may seem easier than others, every person has a unique set of circumstances and opportunities in life.

How long does it take you to study a chart?

When you place an order, we require two working days to study the chart.

How should we calculate a numerology chart? Should we use the birth-certificate name or the current name?

You will need to use both your birth-certificate name and your current name to know the complete and accurate story of your life. To calculate your numerology chart we will us both names.

Are there any numbers that are considered lucky?

Yes, however it's crucial to understand that you choose whether a number is fortunate or bad based on your own beliefs. The number is not so important as the way you choose to apply it.

What is the most powerful number in numerology?

There is no one "best" number in numerology, but the master numbers 11, 22, and 33 have a special significance due to their unique properties.

I wonder if my numbers are compatible with my partner's number? If not, would our relationship still work?

If the numbers in your and your partner's charts are incompatible, that doesn't mean the relationship will fail. There are many other factors that determine success in relationships. There are many happily married couples whose numbers appear to be mismatched.

Are there good and bad numbers?

There are no numbers that are inherently good or bad. However, each number has both positive and negative connotations.